Tuesday, February 07, 2017

DCIST | Savoy Elementary School Is Now Closed Due To Bed Bug Issue

Savoy Elementary School (Photo via Facebook)

Go HERE to read the full article. If you have a child at Savoy Elementary we would love to hear from you on your thoughts on what is happening and how this is affecting your family. Please leave your thoughts in the "Comments" section of this post. I am sure some media outlets would like to hear from you. 


"About 350 D.C. students are out of school today due to an ongoing bed bug and rodent issueat their Southeast school. And it's unclear when they will return to the building. 
D.C. Public Schools temporarily shut down Savoy Elementary School after officials have been battling a pest problem since December. Savoy students are out of classes today and tomorrow, according to a DCPS letter that was sent home to families. They can get breakfast and lunch on these days at the Barry Farm Recreation Center. And beginning Wednesday, Savoy students will attend classes at Ferebee Hope Elementary School in Southeast, about three miles away. 
In mid-January, Savoy officials responded to the issue on Facebook saying that there wasn't a "bed bug infestation," rather there were "single isolated incidents with one adult and one child have been cited." School officials said that crews were hired to exterminate the school three days per week since December, among other steps to get rid of the rodents."

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