Thursday, December 08, 2016

Are the Big K houses being razed/moved?! Anacostia wants to know!

The hyperlocal twitterers exploded this afternoon over concern outrage over what appears in photos to be some major demolition work (or possibly prep work for a move off-site) is taking place on the historic houses on the Big K lot. ANC 8A Elect Commissioner Greta Fuller has been sounding the alarm on Twitter. Fuller claims that DHCD the current owners of the property do not have permits to make such changes to the properties and the community has been left in the dark. 

Whatever is happening (and something is in fact happening) inquiring minds in Anacostia want to know. 

Including some screen grabs from the tweets. 


Betty Behrens said...

City Council gave the go ahead on development:

Aric said...

@Betty those are different houses in that article "Big K" site is a completely different project

Aric said...

@Betty the houses in that article are completely different from the project at the "Big K" site.