Thursday, November 10, 2016

Upcoming Knowledge Commons classes -- Free!

Fall 2016

The sun is up, but we're still too exhausted to write coherently at this point. Straight to the good stuff: Two full weeks of classes will cap off our fall session.

Now Open for Registration 

The Basics of Investing (Nov. 10)
If you get the facts about saving and investing and follow through with an intelligent plan, you should be able to gain financial security over the years.

Salsa for Beginners (Nov. 10)
Salsa: It’s not just for your chips.

Behind the Scenes: Ride With Riide (Nov. 13, waitlist)
Take a riide with us, from Riide’s new Shaw showroom.

How to Become Financially Ready to Start Your Business (Nov. 14)
A solid financial foundation can increase your odds of business success … and it might be more achievable than you think.

Singularity 101: A Layperson’s Take on AI (Nov. 14)
Long before the term “artificial intelligence” was coined, Alan Turing wondered “Can machines think?” Can they?

Discover Essential Oils (Nov. 14)
Add a little something to your holistic health routine via nature’s best-kept secret, essential oils!

Prisons, Profit, and Human Beings (Nov. 15)
This follow-up to KCDC’s popular Mass Incarceration in America class delves deeper into the criminal “justice” system by examining profit motives and financial incentives.

Let’s Talk About Sex … To Your Children (Nov. 15)
How can you talk to your (teenage) baby … about making a baby?!

Know Your Rights as a D.C. Tenant (Nov. 16)
Renting may be expensive, but it doesn’t have to violate your rights.

Rituals of Self Love and Care Through Essential Oils (Nov. 17)
Learn how to pamper yourself with essential oils.

Queer Book Club: If I Was Your Girl (Dec. 6)
“YESSSS the cover model is a trans woman wooooooo!!!!! I want to read this based on that fact alone!” said one Goodreader.

Opening Soon 
Registration Opens November 11th

Music Discovery Lab (Nov. 19)
How many different sounds can you get from a small cymbal or simple drum? Discover!

Registration Opens November 12th

Salsa for Beginners (Nov. 20)
Salsa: It’s (still) not just for your chips.

Registration Opens November 13th

Boom! Your Guide to Surviving a Nuclear Attack (Nov. 21)
Take a walk through the effects of a nuclear attack.

Singularity 102: What AI Means for Humanity (Nov. 21)
Siri, what is your future?

Registration Opens November 14th

Make America Argue Well Again: Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable (Nov. 22)
Debate big league.


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