Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Please congratulate We Act Radio on their 5th year anniversary!

Last week our friend and all around community superstar/advocate/small business powerhouse/natural hair lover Kymone Freeman celebrated a major milestone, We Act Radio celebrated their 5th anniversary in Anacostia! This is such a momentous occasion. It seemed like just yesterday that We Act Radio (located in an ARCH Development Corporation owned building) was in the middle of renovations. Since then, We Act Radio has done amazing things, not just on the airwaves but in the streets. They have hosted festivals, talks, rallies and everything in between. We Act Radio and Kymone Freeman have contributed mightily to not just the fabric of Ward 8 but the history of DC as a whole. Even now they continue to move forward, even you haven't already you should stop by and check out their new podcast studio! It's awesome! 

But while we celebrate their five year accomplishment, we must not forget that our support should continue so that they can celebrate another 5 years and beyond. As a small business owner myself, I find that sometimes people forget that we are in fact -- a business. And with that business comes overhead, expenses and yes, even a salary if you can swing it. So I ask us all to remember We Act Radio and all the small businesses out here when we are in need to contract services, purchase products, or engage a resource -- the best appreciation is often payment. Let's not just support but hire the businesses that make our community all the better. 

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