Thursday, November 03, 2016

GROUPON ALERT: 50% off food at Cheers@The Big Chair

I may not be Santa but boy do I have some presents to share with you! I love seeing east of the river small businesses on Groupon. Not only does it create an opportunity for small business owners to connect with new potential clients and customers but it also promotes a little-known fact -- that wards 7 and 8 has some really great small businesses. Some of the best food I have enjoyed right here in Ward 8 and some of the best shopping too. I am so glad that word of our offerings is spreading. What may be an online purchase today may be a brick and mortar sale tomorrow. 

Spread the word and snap up some of these Groupon deals for yourself! 

Other great news, Cheers@The Big Chair also caters! Contact them today for details. 

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