Thursday, November 03, 2016

Congress Heights Revitalized

The times they are a changin'. Slowly, slowly but they are changing. There are a ton of group homes in the blocks surrounding my condo. Some blocks have two or three or even four transitional housing projects or group homes. There also remains a significant number of vacant properties, some of them in great need of repair.

During my walks with Teddy I am noticing new life is being breathed into some of these vacant homes and project there were once transitional are being transformed into more permanent housing. For instance this four unit multi-family dwelling on Newcomb Street SE has been in out and of use and for several different purposes. The last time it was occupied it was a group home of some. Recently I noticed that the building is undergoing a pretty major renovation. Not only has the exterior been repainted, but new windows have been installed, and a new deck and fence. What was once a vacant eyesore has been transformed. It is a pretty amazing foil to the vacant property next door. No idea what the purpose of this project will be, perhaps a new rental opportunity for a family looking to live in Ward 8 or perhaps a newly revamped group home to join the long list of ones already in the neighborhood but it is good to see that what was once vacant and dilapidated is again restored -- even if only cosmetically or one house at a time. 

Looking forward to my new neighbors, whomever they shall be. :) 

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Unknown said...

Yes, I have noticed as well. The same is happening in the Bellevue neighborhood too. The Washington Post did a feature on Bellevue's transformation last week.