Tuesday, November 01, 2016

30 Units of Market Rate Apartments For Alabama Avenue, SE

Just spotted this brief article on UrbanTurf

In order to have a more diverse income system east of the Anacostia River (and thus have the disposable income to support small businesses and jobs) it's important that we have a diverse housing stock. That means along with income restricted housing (both rental and homeownership) wards 7 and 8 have to have unrestricted income housing (both rental and homeownership). 

I think the "debate" (if any) regarding "affordable housing" east of the river has primarily focused on  the need to have some quality rental housing --- namely apartments -- that doesn't exclude working class people (those earning over $40,000 a year as a single person) from renting east of the river. Housing east of the river is already the most affordable housing in the city. The challenge has been having diverse and quality housing east of the river -- for both renters and homeowners and for those above AND below the poverty line. Something that is really very much a challenge in many of the new rental properties being built. I can't think of a new apartment complex that has come online in the past seven years that doesn't have some king of income restriction -- usually at 60% max of the AMI 

Hopefully this is the first or more diversity coming east of the river. 

Article excerpt:
Plans were filed with the Board of Zoning Adjustment to subdivide the lots at 2495 Alabama Avenue SE (map) and replace the vacant apartment complex on the site with 30 market-rate apartments. Oella Design Studio designed the project.  
The design calls for a three-story building with 19 one-bedroom and 11 two-bedroom rental units, all of which will have balconies or outdoor space. The 22,700 square-foot project would also deliver at least 11 parking spaces on a surface lot. The walk-up building will also have a green roof.

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