Friday, October 14, 2016

WBJ | Huge Anacostia development back on as partners settle legal dispute

Coming soon to downtown Anacostia! 

Yes! This is excellent news! The Advoc8te knows the community was waiting with baited breath hoping that this project would not be delayed any further. So glad to hear that the parties were able to settle the dispute and that Anacostia's next development project is once again back on! This project will bring a mix of new housing (including some non-income restricted units!)  and new commercial real estate to the Anacostia business corridor and that is a very good thing! 

Go HERE to read the full article in the Washington Business Journal. 


Reunion Square, the mega mixed-use project planned for historic Anacostia, is back on.

George Curtis III and Four Points LLC, the joint venture behind the 1.5 million-square-foot project, have settled their legal disputes and will withdraw “all the lawsuits," the partners announced Tuesday.

“We look forward to continue our work with Four Points to redevelop our property in Historic Anacostia into a dynamic, mixed-use urban center for the District,” Curtis, president of Camp Springs-based Curtis Investment Group, said in a statement. “This has been a long-term goal of ours, and we remain committed to this community where we have worked for generations.”

According to a release, the pair have “reached an amicable resolution and are committed to refocusing their combined efforts to see the Reunion Square project to fruition.”


Anonymous said...

Development is awesome, but this is way too much development for MLK Ave SE. Furthermore, there is no comprehensive vision for all the development projects in downtown Anacostia. That is a problem. Should be a future blog post.

Alan Page said...

Traffic on MLK is pretty backed up during rush hour already. Any plans to adjust the signal timing for the lights or otherwise help traffic speed up on MLK between Good Hope and Howard Rd?