Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My name is The Advoc8te and I'm addicted to Pow Pow

Behold, the purity bowl with mock chicken. It's tons of yummy for your tummy.

Just when I thought it would be impossible for anything to make The Advoc8te eat all of her veggies, let alone ONLY veggies, let alone MOCK CHICKEN,  along comes Pow Pow on H Street NE. I have been crushing this place H-A-R-D the past three weeks. The Pow Pow purity bowl now ranks up there with my love of fast internet and slow foot massages for things I can't get enough of (okay that may have been TMI). Burnt broccoli has literally never tasted so good. Between Pow Pow and the Pretzel Bakery there is really no reason for me to turn on my stove (and I haven't).

Typically, anything west of the river would mean getting in my car (sometimes in my pajamas) but now that I have discovered that UberEats will in fact deliver east of the river (and has done so to my job and my home pretty reliably) I have to say it is feeling good being part of DC -- at least as far as one food delivery service goes. 

Now if we can only get the pizza delivery person to actually come to the door to deliver the pizza we may be in business. Better still, how can I get a Pow Pow in Ward 8?!!!! Pow Pow for the people I say! 

P.S. If you want to try Pow Pow (and you should) then feel free to use my UberEats code. Do it for The Advoc8te! Do it so I can get a discount on my next purity bowl! I don't need it, but by golly do I want it! 

Use my Uber Eats Special Code EATS-NIKKIP2971UE for my "special friends" who currently don't have UberEats. Use it and get $10 off your first order! That's love baby! 

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