Friday, June 03, 2016

Two FREE art openings this Saturday in Anacostia and why you should be there to support them!

Are you ready for an artistic double header?! Honfleur Gallery and Vivid Solutions Gallery in Anacostia are both hosting opening receptions on Saturday from 6-9pm. This is a great opportunity to check out both shows, visit the vendors in the Anacostia Arts Center and grab a bite to eat and some drinks at the local eating establishments.

Arts & small business development go together like a hand in glove in Anacostia and that is why I really enjoyed my time working in Anacostia for ARCH Development Corporation (a Ward 8 nonprofit). To see the small business owners thrive, the local artists that now have a place to show their work, the fun had by friends and neighbors and all of these things taking place in a neighborhood that a decade ago had a negative perception. I am always so excited to see the wonderful things happening in Anacostia and how people can enjoy great things in their very own community. I really treasure my time working for The HIVE 2.0 and on projects like the Anacostia Arts Center, Honfleur Gallery, Vivid Solutions Gallery, LUMEN8ANACOSTIA and a ton of other stuff. I am lucky enough now to work on projects for the Anacostia Business Improvement District another great resource for a thriving Anacostia. These organizations and several more are why so many wonderful things are happening in Anacostia. We should all be proud!  

I hope that all of you out there can come out on Saturday and contribute to Anacostia's revitalization and support local small businesses owners and artists in the process. 

We did this - together. 

Opening Reception: June 4, 6 – 9 pm
Honfleur Gallery, 1231 Good Hope Rd SE
Hear/Here curated by Jarvis DuBois
Featured Artists: Daphne Arthur (NY), Andrew Keiper (Baltimore), Fire Angelou (Baltimore), Omolara Williams McCallister (DC)
In Hear/Here, four artists explore the need for dialogue within and between American metropolitan areas that are increasingly confronted with displacement, violence and calls for social justice. Without an easy binary of right and wrong, how can communities go beyond just cooperative rhetoric and truly acknowledge and process expressed concerns, hopes and frustrations? This exhibition examines both the points of intersection and disconnection among various groups vying for social and political agency in ever-changing American cityscapes.

Uncovered | Scott G. Brooks & Todd Franson

Vivid Solutions Gallery 
(1231Good Hope Rd SE/Anacostia Arts Center)
Exhibition: May 27 – July 16 
Opening Reception: June 4, 6 – 9 pm - Free event! 
Artwork of Photographer Todd Franson and Painter/Illustrator Scott G. Brooks has lived behind the headlines of Metro Weekly covers for years. Unadorned by text and logos, Uncovered exhibits their lush and provocative work that has captured the people, moments, and movements of LGBT culture in DC for over two decades. Read the press release here.

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