Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Gawker | Planet Aid's Yellow Clothing Donation Bins Are Part of a Global Cultlike Scam

The Advoc8te is posting this as we have at least one of these Planet Aid boxes in Ward 8. Be informed and be aware! 

The Advoc8te is also wondering how we can get the box removed from the King Gas Station on Mellon Street?

Photo courtesy of Gawker

Go HERE to read the full article. 

Those yellow clothing-collection bins behind your local gas station or convenience store aren’t actually particularly charitable, according to a Reveal investigation. Not only will your donations likely not be helping hungry kids in Africa, they may be directly supporting a Danish international fugitive named Mogens Amdi Petersen.
Most bins of this type, which have cropped up just about everywhere in recent years, asking you to drop in your used clothes and shoes, don’t do much good for the world’s poor or the environment. Multiple operators of similar bins have come under fire for selling the collected items for profit, rather than donating the clothes or the proceeds. What separates Planet Aid from the pack is the scale of its operation and the bizarre nature of the organization that seems to be behind it.
Reveal and NBC Washington dug up IRS records showing that Planet Aid makes up to $42 million per year. That money is supposed to be donated to needy communities in places like Malawi and Mozambique. But in an FBI file on Planet Aid’s parent organization also obtained by NBC, investigators wrote that “Little to no money goes to the charities.”

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