Monday, April 25, 2016

May 19 - 22 | The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf @Anacostia Playhouse

Guilty or Innocent? Find out at The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf!

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf, the musical by Val Cheatham, is a light-hearted musical featuring a large cast of local children, and will be Anacostia Playhouse’s first all-youth production. With a cast that includes characters like The Weasels (the Wolf’s lawyers), Hogney Dangerfield (prosecutor), Prudence, Patience and Propriety Pig, plus the judge, jury and a wolf pack, over 25 children who auditioned will be given the opportunity to participate. The production is directed by Renee Charlow.

BBW2Using music styles of the 1950s, Val Cheatham’s The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf is a comic version of what might have happened if the Wolf had been tried for his offenses against the three pigs. The music is fun and the characters are funny, and will delight audiences of all ages. We can’t wait to see these young people take the stage!

We want to say a special thank you to PEPCO for its generous sponsorship of this show. Without their support this production would not be possible.

Tickets on sale now! Click here.

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