Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Has it really come to this? Really?!

 A sharp eyed consumer spotted this "display" at the CVS on Minnesota Avenue in Ward 7. Seems CVS management has decided to take a mug shot approach to displaying Tide detergent to discourage theft. By the way, if you are like me and were not aware of the Tide for drugs phenomenon read HERE

I've said it once and I will say it again, the things that pass for acceptable east of the river boggles the mind.

What are your thoughts? Does the end justify the means? Or are we just plain "Tide" of lowered expectations?


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not sure that an empty shelf is an improvement.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say "I'm glad they haven't left the neighborhood" I remember when there was only 1 7-11 in Ward 7 and "Zero in Ward 8". There's still only 1 McDonald's in Ward 8. I grew up in Ward 8 (Orange street, Brandywine street) and now on the Capitol Heights/Southern Avenue line. Still the same issues and problems as they were as I was a kid. A few things have changed "But not much" and will not change until they "Truly invest in Wards 7 and Wards 8" and this doesn't mean all the people in Wards 7 and 8 have to move. However, it does mean you have to hold the communities accountable and make them also a part of the change. Previous parts of the city (Ivy City, NOMA, Shaw, Columbia Heights) the residents were not truly involved in the changes "Especially NOMA". That's my concern.