Monday, March 28, 2016

Walgreens is coming to Anacostia! See the photos!

A little birdie (thanks J.E.!) sent me a snapshot last week of a building permit for 1117 Good Hope Rd SE -- what many of us know as the "Anacostia" building. I couldn't believe it when I saw that Walgreens was coming to Anacostia!  Walgreens would follow 7-Eleven and Little Caesars as the first national brand retailers to arrive in the Anacostia neighborhood. This would also activate one of Anacostia's most prime pieces of real estate -- and a neighborhood icon to boot. That said, there had been a lot of broken promises and false starts surrounding this property. Readers may recall plans nearly 10 years ago to turn this building into a Jazz club. The most recent activity on this space had been a few years ago when a car ran into the front doors. Over the years, neglect had led to a river running under the building. It was going to take deep pockets to return our beloved Anacostia building back to the active list. 

So with that in mind, it is very exciting to have construction and repairs finally underway. That said, The Advoc8te can't help but wonder (and perhaps worry) about what impact this new arrival will have on the local pharmacies and small retailers in the neighborhood. Grubbs Pharmacy Southeast is less than 100 yards away with Neighborhood Pharmacy across the street. For decades, big brands have avoided Anacostia like the plague. All of the community's needs had to be met by the small business owners who invested in Anacostia and served its residents when no one else wanted to call Anacostia home. So that said, The Advoc8te worries about the fate of our small business owners and hopes -- and frankly prays -- that this newest arrival won't signal new departures. One thing that is sure to be welcome -- jobs for local residents. So with that in mind I try to remain cautiously optimistic. 

FYI -- The Mayor's office just rereleased an RFP for the development of the Anacostia Gateway  Community which is comprised of the buildings around this one. No idea who this Walgreens would effect that project or the proposals that had already been submitted for it. Last year a request for interest was released with several proposals submitted. It looks like none of the prior proposals was selected and a solicitation is back out.

Including some photos I took of the Anacostia building including some interior shots of the demolition in progress


Anonymous said...

It's going to be a lot of grannies parking on MLK trying to pick up their blood pressure medicine.

The Advoc8te said...

Another reason to patronize Grubbs Pharmacy Southeast is that they offer FREE delivery of medications!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the same bitter-sweet joy we have on MLK in Congress Heights with the new Rita's coming to the area. It's great to see a national chain setting up shop but they are a block away from a local ice cream shop that just opened. I have tried to patronize the ice cream shop but I also love Ritas. What to do?

Unplugged856 said...

Wait... there's a Rita's coming? That's awesome. I'm glad something is going into that space. It's a shame that there are so many vacant store fronts. I've only been into Grubb's once or twice. I've had no complaints with it but the hours aren't really convenient for me since it closes at 6. If I needed something from a pharmacy I had to go to CVS. That being said, it's always tough to see established neighborhood businesses lose out to chains