Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The "reality" of Black, Married & Pregnant.

As a self-described "marketing maven" I spend a lot of time creating posters and flyers.  Last night I was working on a project and one of the things I needed was a photo of an African-American married couple that was expecting a baby.  One of those standard pictures of the daddy kissing the mommy's belly. Call me crazy but as a person of color I like featuring people of color in positive situations whenever possible.

For the the other photos I was collecting a simple Google search pretty much netted me what I was looking for (full body shots with a white background). But for this loving black pregnant couple, not only could I NOT find what I was looking for during numerous Google searches that I finally had too break down and try a stock photo service. That's right, I was going to have to BUY a photo of a loving and pregnant black couple. Oh well, sometimes those are the breaks. So I go to a popular stock photo service (one that will remain unnamed) and type in "Black, Married, Pregnant" and these were the results for about 90% of the very limited options.

America, once again you leave me speechless. ‪


And in case this isn't plain, the issue is not the interracial nature of the couples. It's the fact that there were so few options of married and pregnant Black women and Black men. What does this say for the world's perceptions of Black families?

In the end I had to spend $14.99 for a stock photo with another service, and even then I had to do without the ring. The lengths one has to go to for some positive imagery.


Time for a change said...

There are better results on Instagram. Search the hashtags and a bunch of pics would've shown up.

DaReslnt1 said...

When my girlfriend was pregnant and receiving pregnancy and motherhood magazines, I noticed that almost all of the black men shown were with white women. Most of the black children shown were made to look bi-racial. So I am not surprised that you could not find a black couple

DaReslnt1 said...

But they want us to believe that there are no conspiracies against the black race

Anonymous said...

Last time I looked, in the African American magazines they had black mothers, fathers and children. Maybe people should stop looking at mainstream media to learn about and see one self.

Anonymous said...

I agree there is a dearth of black/black positive imagery in mainstream media. But you are not supporting the creation of this imagery when you don't support paying for photographic imagery. I hope you are not using the images without permission by the authors unless they are on an obviously rights free site.

The marketplace also is a factor in creating the product. You put out a call for an advertising buy of 10K for usage of an image of black middle class family and you will get a lot of imagery submitted to you, I am sure.