Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Campaign Signage Review: Aaron Holmes for Ward 8

The Advoc8te just returned from sunny Martinque and I see that Ward 8 campaign season has moved into a higher gear during my absence! I peeped this beauty of a campaign sign (good choice of size, color and photo) near the intersection on Malcolm X Avenue at the 295 North on ramp. As far as location goes it is a pretty visible one. Past Ward 8 council candidates (Natalie Williams immedaitly comes to mind) had a similar sign at the same location. Larger than the ever multiplying yard signs that are the norm I have to admit I like these larger (but not too large) campaign signs. If bigger is in fact better this is a good size without being too big or too small.

The Advoc8te is going to be on look out for more candidate campaign signs and will be posting the photos here. The marketing person in me can't help but evaluate design choices. Have you seen a campaign sign you would like to see featured here? Send a photo and details on the sign's location at congressheightsontherise@gmail.com

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