Friday, February 19, 2016

Washington Informer | New Candidate Enters Ward 8 Race

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Photo courtesy of Roy Lewis
Washington Informer

Newcomer Aaron Holmes, 32, looks to shake up things in the highly contentious Ward 8 City Council race.
On Thursday, Feb. 4, Holmes stopped by The Washington Informer office in Southeast to let potential voters know why his approach to change will be more effective than incumbent LaRuby May’s.
“Someone like (LaRuby May) who feels it’s okay to support legislation where you can do unwarranted searches on individuals who are awaiting trial, on probation and increase the penalties for kids who are on Metro and those kinds of things really do a disservice to the community,” Holmes said.
“The policy that put all those kids on the Metro came from the government. So, you bear some of the responsibility for that creative solution. The creative solution is not to turn up the penalty; let’s just put them in jail for longer. That’s ridiculous,” he said.

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