Thursday, January 21, 2016

How safe are Ward 8 and Ward 7 roads this morning?

Hello Family--

For anyone who was on the road last night you have my sympathy! Driving up Malcolm X Avenue SE last night in Congress Heights had me full of terror and fear. That may have just been an inch of snow but it was absolutely like driving on ice, very little traction. All around me cards were slipping and sliding and unable to make it up the hill. I like to think that prayer and good defense driving got me home safely last night and I know I wasn't alone, Twitter and Facebook were full of similar tales. 

So with the big blizzard yet to arrive, "What is the status of your streets and side streets this morning?" How confident are you that street plows will make it east of the river this year? How prepared are our residents to deal with the possibility of being stuck at home for days at a time? Remember, Ward 8 has only one grocery store and that presents hardships for access for some. 

Please share your thoughts and concerns in the comments. 

And stay safe (and warm!) out there! 


Anonymous said...

The mayor is full of shit!!! She made this big announcement that they were prepared and last night i slid through the intersection of Firth Sterling and S Capitol!

The Frederick Douglas bridge going towards Capitol Hill was salted but that was not the case going towards Malcolm X

Betty Behrens said...

Branch Ave from Alabama to PA Ave and PA Ave to SE Freeway and all the way into downtown DC was fine this morning. A plow made it through my side street (34th btwn Alabama & Bangor) before 8:00 a.m.
In my 11 years of living in Hillcrest I have never been stranded due to lack of plowing. Perhaps because we have many politicos in our neighborhood? I'm not complaining!
Betty Behrens