Monday, January 04, 2016

Catherine Buell, Executive Director of Saint Elizabeths East takes new job in Atlanta.

Last Wednesday at the Anacostia Arts Center,  Ward 8 came together to say farewell to one of our own. Catherine Buell, Anacostia resident and Executive Director of Saint Elizabeths East has taken a new job in Atlanta. Catherine will definitely be missed -- personally and professionally. 

I had the pleasure of being asked to be the MC of Catherine's happy hour and let me tell you, people couldn't stop talking about the positive impact she has had east of the river. Everyone had some amazing story about how Catherine affected their life, business or organization.

In the years Catherine has served as Executive Director we have seen Gateway DC and the RISE Demonstration Center from an idea to reality. So many amazing things can be tracked back to the vision, dedication and strength of Catherine Buell. She is the perfect example of where "community" meets "capability." We wish her the best and all the #SoutheastLove we can muster. 

Atlanta you are very lucky indeed! Catherine Buell, community advocate, professional powerhouse and overall badass. ;) 

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