Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This contractor likes to ILLEGALLY dump his commercial trash in my private dumpster.

The Advocate has addressed the issue before of illegal dumpers taking advantage of residential dumpsters. My condominium has consistently been the victim of illegal dumping by neighbors who don't live in our condominium and by commercial businesses and freelance contractors who think illegal dumping is a victimless crime. 

In reality, illegal dumping is not a victimless crime, its a an expensive and unsightly crime! Unlike private residences that have trash service provided by the city, apartment and condominiums have to pay for their own dumpsters and trash pickups. And with illegal dumping that means more pickups and more pickup fees. Not to mention that illegal dumpers aren't the most tidy, last year my association picked up nearly $2,000 in fines from the DC Department of Public Works because of trash land bulk items left around our dumpster by illegal dumpers. 

So last night when I saw this grown man drive up in his commercial truck and proceed to dump 6 huge commercial bags of demolition trash into our private dumpster I had to whip out my camera and take down his license plate. When I informed him that illegal dumping comes with a $500 fine he didn't seem that concerned -- little does he know that The Advocate will be posting his little crime online and will be contacting DPW to report him for illegal dumping. 

So if you see a man driving a black pickup truck with Kentucky license plate of 749-TMN please keep an eye on your dumpsters! 

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if contacting DPW directly would work, but there's definitely an illegal dumping section on 311.dc.gov where you can put in descriptions of the people doing the dumping (including tag #s, etc.). 311 has always been very responsive in my experience.