Thursday, October 01, 2015

These Ward 8 events rescheduled due to Hurricane Jaoquin

Great news is we have so many wonderful activites taking place in Ward 8. The bad news is that Hurrican Jaoquin is throwing some major monkey wrenches in those plans. In light of the weather challenges several Ward 8 events scheduled for this weekend are being rescheduled. Please see below for the info that I have.

EVENT: NURISH Food & Drink Pie & Ice Cream Social
STATUS: Rescheduled, new date to be announced soon. 

EVENT: Bountiful Harvest at Gateway DC
STATUS: Rescheduled, new date coming soon (but without the Whole Foods market)

EVENT: Anacostia Heritage Trail Unveiling
STATUS: Rescheduled to October 24th at 11am

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