Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Advoc8te is super, duper busy these days.

Hello my loves --

The Advoc8te has always considered herself to be extremely fortunate and honored to be tapped for questions about east of the river, chats with potential new neighbors and called on to participate in community events and issues. After eight years of living in Ward 8, seven years writing this blog and providing marketing consulting it is nice to know people appreciate the work I do. I will always be super thankful for that. 

My dream has always been that Ward 8 will finally get the POSITIVE notice that it so richly deserves and that more economic, creative and social opportunities will come our way. If my inbox is any indication, that is finally happening! 

That being said, I am realizing that I am becoming a victim of my own success so to speak. Between my day job, consulting projects, blogging, social media accounts, community advocacy work, small business support, speaking engagements and trying to be a decent friend and family member, demands on my time are great. I just don't have the bandwidth I used to have to answer every email and request for support that comes my way and I have really been struggling to keep up with the pace of so many worthy projects and 15 email inboxes (which I admit is a little absurd, lol).  That is also why I am writing this post at 4am! LOL.

So while I love that "Nikki Peele" and "The Advoc8te" has become synonymous with "Ward 8 resource you can use" I want to temper that with an understanding that things are particularly busy these days and I may not be able to field every request for a chat, project, or event that comes my way. Not because I don't care but because I care so much and I am having to triage requests for new projects with the time to work on current ones.

I thought it was only fair to drop a little line here, now, in hopes to temper some expectations and to offer a mass apology so to speak. It really hurts me to write this post, to admit that I am in fact not Superwoman (but perhaps Catwoman on occasion) but I want to be honest to the people who mean the most to me, you. 

So have a great day and be the best you that you can be -- for all of our sakes! 

The Advocate AKA Nikki Peele

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