Thursday, August 06, 2015

That's not lunch -- that's leakage.

Now that The Advoc8te no longer works in Anacostia but on the edge of Ward 8 at THEARC I realize just how much money I spend NOT in DC. Lunch in particular is a huge culprit. With NO food options in walking distance and only TWO prepared food choices in driving distance, Maryland probably accounts for 90% of my non PB&J lunches. 

When DC doesn't invest in quality and diverse food options in all 8 wards, they are opening the door (and my wallet) for income and tax leakage. 

No such thing as a free lunch. 

--The Advoc8te 

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Anonymous said...

Chick fil a is a horribly homophobic company. I always a die a little on the inside when I see someone I like eating there. :(