Monday, August 31, 2015

Live FREE music series is back at the Anacostia Arts Center!

Contact: Kate Taylor Davis
Phone: 202-321-2878
For Immediate Release
August 31, 2015
(Washington, DC) Anacostia Arts Center is launching another live music series this fall with five diverse bands during "happy hour" concerts on Saturdays. The series is sponsored in part by the Nora Roberts Foundation and brings together talent from all over the metro DC area, including a number of Anacostia-based musicians. 
Live Saturdays start September 12 and run nearly every week through October 24. Anacostia Arts Center is located at 1231 Good Hope Road SE. Events are FREE and reservations are recommended. Shows begin at 5 pm. Visit for event details and to make reservations.
The goal of this music series is to introduce new artists and audiences to Anacostia and to boost the artistic life of the neighborhood. Audience members can listen to the bands as well as shop and/or grab dinner and drink specials from Nurish Food + Drink. Confirmed dates and artists follow:
9/12: Shining Blade Theory
Shining Blade Theory is DC Hip Hop featuring DC native emcee Parabellum Raps. Shining Blade Theory's music is all original with deep influences from jazz, funk, rock, neo-soul, and 90's Hip Hop like Common, Nas, and the Roots.

9/19: Coup Sauvage & the Snips
Coup Savauge & the Snips play music that is celebratory and revelatory. Through a mix of pop/rock, funk and R&B, their music is accusatory and against authority, confrontational and informational--soundtrack for the children to watch the first-world burn. Ready? Doesn't matter.
10/3: Redline Graffiti
Redline Graffiti is a four piece genre-bending circlet that formed in August of 2011. Their sound is influenced by alternative R&B, garage rock, and dance music. Redline Graffiti has three EP's to date: About and Because in 2011, Space & Water in 2012 and The Drill in 2014.

10/17: Akua Allrich
Jazz vocalist and DC-native Akua Allrich has a fluid style. Her musical roots run deeply into blues, soul, and rhythm and blues, with a clear grounding in jazz and pan-African music.


10/24: Baby Bry Bry and the Apologists
A cathartic celebration of personality flaws and romantic letdowns, Baby Bry Bry & The Apologists have made a home in DC's DIY music scene by wearing their hearts on their sleeves, both figuratively and literally. The "cutest punk band in Washington, DC," blazes new trails through the territory between art punk and power pop, bringing an explosive energy to their take on heartbreak and 21st century bummers.
About Anacostia Arts Center:
Anacostia Arts Center is a project of the ARCH Development Corporation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating a home for small businesses, artists, arts and cultural organizations to fulfill its commitment to the revitalization and sustainable economic development of Historic Anacostia.  The 9,300 square ft. arts center opened in June of 2013 and includes a cafĂ©, a black box theatre, a wellness center, two boutiques, and three art galleries. 
ARCH Development Corporation is grateful for the support of The Nora Roberts Foundation, whose belief in our mission has made these unique programs possible.

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