Monday, August 17, 2015

Help THEARC find a #Home4SweetPea!

Bunny in a box

On Friday afternoon, The Advoc8te was at THEARC in Ward 8 and saw the cutest little face peering into the windows. Two big brown eyes, a cute little nose and the ears --- well they were large! It seems that some misguided owner had abandoned their pet rabbit on THEARC campus, probably thinking our lush grounds and garden were appropriate for a pet rabbit! For the better part of a week the little guy/gal had been sitting quietly in the bushes outside of our office people watching. For those members of our staff who saw the little guy they thought he was a wild rabbit. As someone who has had rabbits as pets I knew this was in fact a domesticated and (formerly) indoor pet rabbit.

THEARC: Building Bridges & Rescuing Bunnies! 
At THEARC we are about supporting members of the community -- bunnies included -- so a colleague and I crawled into the bushes armed with only determination and some organic sweet peas to rescue our little friend.  Luckily our offerings of kindness were accepted and we were able to bring our new friend into THEARC with hopes of finding him/her a foster home.  My dog Teddy was kind enough to donate his dog crate to the cause and after a quick shopping spree at Giant, Sweet Pea (AKA Cesar AKA Theodore Archibald AKA THEARC) was soon outfitted with bunny pellets, a litter box, water bottle and enough timothy hay to choke a horse. Although temporary, we wanted Sweet Pea's stay at THEARC to be an enjoyable one.


For now Sweet Pea is enjoying the comforts of living in a crate in my office. THEARC staff and members are spoiling him/her rotten. Sweet Pea is a very happy bunny indeed. 

Sweet Pea enoying a midday cuddle by THEARC staff.
With 10 nonprofits, THEARC is a wonderful place to call home but perhaps not the best permanent place for a bunny -- even one as sweet and loving as Sweet Pea. So I am working overtime to find our Sweet Pea a loving forever home -- preferably with another rabbit. The Advoc8te is posting this here in hopes that my readers can help us in our quest. 

You're nobody until some bunny loves you.

Interested or have information on local rabbit rescues? Drop me a line at or post information in the "Comments" section of this post. 

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