Monday, July 20, 2015

Ward 8's leadership as explained by Beyonce

You may laugh but The Advoc8te thinks that more often than not women more than the men are really the force behind what is on and poppin' east of the river these days. While my fellow warrior princesses may be less likely to run for office or flex our political muscles (officially anyway) we are very much a part of Ward 8's progress. In addition to carrying our lipstick, we members of the fairer sex are also more likely to be carrying determination, vision, fearlessness and pardon my french, balls. We are a force to be reckoned with -- literally. The CIA doesn't have anything on a Ward 8 woman with a plan. 

When I need something done -- quickly and efficiently --- more often than not I am tapping a resource in high heels. If anything I have found that women are more likely to downplay their accomplishments and connections while men are more likely to overestimate them. At a time when Ward 8's councilmember and our mayor is a woman (a woman of color at that) "girl power" has an entirely new meaning. 

So The Advoc8te has to ask? Who really runs the world? 

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