Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My thoughts on today's special election.

The Advoc8te headed over to her polling station this morning and cast her vote for the next Ward 8 City Councilmember. And while I will NOT be telling you who I voted for, it was interesting after 8 years of living in Ward 8 to cast a vote in an election that is not an all but foregone conclusion. Regardless of what this person or that paper says about the election and the "machine" it really does come down to anyone. With so many candidates on the ballot and so many different needs and wants for the ward it could come down to such minor things such as weather, distance, and generally apathy that can put any of the army of candidates over the top. 

And if I were to be honest in my heart I am not even entirely sure if I believe the 16 months remaining on this term will lead to a repeat -- for any candidate. Ward 8 is just now starting to grow both economically and politically. We are still getting to this "democracy thing" after years and years of the political landscape being determined by name and length of residency vs. merit. 

While it may not be a new day it is definitely a new political landscape in Ward 8 and that may mean a change in leadership a few times before we decide who will ultimately guide the ship -- at least 16 months at a time anyway. ;)

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