Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hear all about it! The Washington City Paper Ward 8 Debate is now online!

Hello Darling Readers---

It was such a pleasure seeing and meeting some of you at Monday's Washington City Paper Ward 8 Debate at Uniontown Gar & Grill in Anacostia. I always get a kick out of seeing my friends, neighbors, and online stalkers (just kidding) out in the community! You all make the seven years of writing Congress Heights on the Rise and all my other projects so worth it. This has been an amazing journey and the past six months have been my best yet and I have you to thank! 

Monday's debate was pretty money. Although not all of the invited candidates showed up (where were you Laruby May and Trayon White?!) the ones that did appear: Marion Christopher Barry, Sheila Bunn, Eugene Kinlow and Natalie Williams were great. I along with my two amazing co-moderators Will Sommer (WCP) and Mark Seagraves (NBC4) asked some tough questions and we weren't letting any of the candidates off the hook! 

So if you weren't able to make the Washington City Paper debate I highly encourage taking some time and listening to the audio. For those undecided voters out there we need you! Every Ward 8 resident who has every hoped for better, more or different should be at the polls on Tuesday, April 28th. If you aren't there, you must not care and if that is the case who really cares what you think anyway? ;) 

Up Next: More exciting things happening east of the Anacostia river and I can't wait to tell you all about it! Stay tuned!

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