Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I was robbed! No, seriously.

Consider this a public service announcement. 

Having been the victim of credit card theft last summer (I went all Columbo and tracked down my thief who is currently on probation for his crime); I am very particular about keeping my items secure, particularly my wallet and credit cards.

So with that in mind, before heading out with friends to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day I stopped off at home to switch out my purse for a much more secure, yet fashionable version. Call me paranoid or psychic (or a city girl) but I knew that the potential for drunk patrons = a criminal's paradise. So erring on the side of caution I decided to exchange that hobo bag for one with a zipper and removed the paychecks I was planning on depositing at the bank.

Once I arrived at Molly Malone's on Barracks Row in Ward 6 I found a seat at a table with my friends. I made sure I had my wallet, kept track of my credit card after opening my tab and placed my wallet back in my purse and zipped it closed.

And then I made a mistake, the mistake as it turned out.

I put my closed handbag on the back of my chair with my jacket and proceeded to enjoy the evening with my friends. 

Little did I know that a few minutes after I did something so innocuous as placing my bag on the back of the chair, a pick pocket would soon relieve me of my wallet -- from my closed purse! Looking back, one of my friends recalls a suspicious female sitting alone behind me. Not so strange at the time -- it was Saint Patrick's Day after-all. Who doesn't look a little strange?! However, considering the amount of credit card charges that would later come through from Victoria's Secret odds are good my pick pocket was female, probably the woman sitting behind me being a little too attentive to the goings on at my table. 

So how long did this take? I arrived at Molly Malone's in DC at 5:30pm. I opened my tab at 6:00pm. My thief was using my credit card in Maryland by 6:30pm. By the time I realized what was happening at 8:30pm Ms. StickyFingers had attempted to use my credit cards over a dozen times at half a dozen stores. 

So while this isn't one of my run of the mill blog posts I did want to share it to alert my fellow purse wearers (male or female) about the dangers of hanging your handbag/satchel/backpack on your chair, on the peg under the bar, or on the floor -- thieves are out here and they have nothing better to do than try to separate you from your belongings. 

So while I am more than annoyed that I lost $70, had to cancel 10 of my credit and debit cards and now have to make a trip to the DMV to replace my driver's license (again!) I will feel a little less violated if my story can help someone else avoid the same fate. Short of pinning your money to your bra like your granny told you to do I am not really sure where is a safe place to keep you wallet but you can bet I will be keeping an even better eye on mine in the future.

And if you just so happen to catch someone with their hand in your bag while enjoying your beer I hope you kick them hard in the shins! 

The Advoc8te

P.S. And for the sticky fingered pick pocket who relieved me of my wallet last night I hope you have the good sense to mail it back (credit cards have been cancelled but I would like my driver's licenses back). Thief #1 (see HERE) is still regretting going on a spending spree with just one of my credit cards -- imagine what I can do to you.  


DaReslnt1 said...

what the hell!!!! sorry that happened to you but I'm glad that you caught the person. The nerve of her to try and get her sexy on with your hard earned money/credit.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, but why do you take so many credit cards to a bar? Why not take the one you're planning on using?

The Advoc8te said...

Anonymous: "I feel your pain, but why do you take so many credit cards to a bar? Why not take the one you're planning on using?"

Because I'm a baller and we have to be prepared for anything. ;)

Bobby Ray Ban said...

Purses are a thief's paradise. Sucks that designers don't create either (a) small purses that women can keep on their person (versus those monstrous luggage-sized purses) or (b) pants with pockets so women can carry wallets the way men do, directly on their person.