Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DC Theater Scene | Going to Anacostia? Try Mama’s Pizza Kitchen

I love seeing Ward 8 businesses getting positive attention! I love Mama's Kitchen! Best pizza in town and the owners are really great people too! 

Head on over to Anacostia and get a pizza, calzone, or one of their yummy sandwiches -- all of the bread is made from scratch! 

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Residents around Anacostia Playhouse and Anacostia Arts Center know where to head for quality takeout or a quick dine-in meal. Ask, and they’ll tell you – “I go to Mama’s”.
Fatima Nayir and her assistant Jamia Paige, Mama's Pizza Kitchen DC
Fatima Nayir and her assistant Jamia Paige, Mama’s Pizza Kitchen DC
Mama makes everything fresh every day from the baked bread for sandwiches, lasagna (a neighborhood favorite), her red sauce, and, of course, the pizza crust, a thick, tasty bed for Mama’s generous fillings.
The most popular pies are the Combo meat pizza and the spinach feta. Ask for a slice ($2.50 – $3.00) and you get a huge two hander piece, hot from the oven.While we were there, folks were also lining up for chicken wings, pulled pork and BBQ ribs.
In a hurry? Some menu items are ready in five minutes. Or linger at small tables in the no-frills front section.

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