Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day marks the 2 year anniversary of #SoutheastLove! Help us celebrate!

I can't believe that this Valentine's Day marks TWO YEARS since David Garber and I launched #SoutheastLove! Our little social media campaign aims to highlight all the many great things about DC's Southeast quadrant. In case you missed it, this is the blog post that started it all. Out of something negative came something really beautiful and empowering.

The Advoc8te showing her #SoutheastLove for burgers on Capitol Hill 

On Valentine's Day 2013 armed with just an idea, a $13 sign and our iPhones David and I hit the SE streets and live tweeted our adventures. Along the way we met so many amazing people who were nice enough to spare their time and smiles for pictures with our sign.

David in 2013 at The HIVE proudly displaying his design skills.
I can't tell you how long we debated the font.

All over the city (and beyond!) people printed their own #SoutheastLove signs and tweeted their love for the SE quadrant. Words can't express how cool it is to be able to still see the effects of our little campaign -- two years after we first launched! I still keep a sign in my car and one in my office, they both get regular use. Last year NBC4 even did a news segment on #SoutheastLove!

So for this Valentine's Day David and I will be hitting the streets again and we hope that all of you out there can go out and spread a little #SoutheastLove too. All you need is a sign [GO HERE TO PRINT YOUR OWN #SOUTHEASTLOVE SIGN] and a camera. Then just tweet your picture with the #SoutheastLove hashtag and you are good to go! 

Happy #SoutheastLove Anniversary! Spread love, not fear! 

Anacostia has #SoutheastLove

Former Mayor Vincent Gray has #SoutheastLove

Everyone has #SoutheastLove for Fragers

Anacostia High School teachers teach #SoutheastLove

This lady has #SoutheastLove for parks

Honfleur Gallery in Anacostia has #SoutheastLove

The Hill Center on Capitol Hill has #SoutheastLove

Hill's Kitchen #SoutheastLove is piping hot!

Chancellor Kaya Henderson has #SoutheastLove

Markus Batchelor has #SoutheastLove from his dorm room

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