Thursday, February 19, 2015

2015 #SoutheastLove Day Recap

Hey Guys--

Sorry for the delay in posting but it has been a very busy week for The Advoc8te! I am just now catching up on my blogging and such. Stay tuned for updates!

David Garber and I had a blast on Valentine's Day visiting some of our favorite places in the Southeast quadrant and discovering some new ones! Many thanks to everyone who was so gracious with their time and smiles to join us in spreading love (and not fear) about the Southeast quadrant!

Including some pictures below but you can also check out the #SoutheastLove on Twitter by following the hashtag.

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Darin said...

Love this post, despite the fact you included a picture of me! The world can do without pictures of me. Otherwise, great post. Keep up the SoutheastLove!