Saturday, January 17, 2015

LOOSE LIPS | Bring the Campaign: Decades of District Politics, All in the Ward 8 Race

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We’ll probably never get a museum dedicated to the highlights and lowlights of District politics, but the next best thing is going on east of the river from now until April 28. In the Ward 8 special election to replace the late Marion Barry, every major strain of District politics is being reenacted. 
This race has everything. To start with, there’s the song that never ends: The Green Team, once the property of Adrian Fenty and now belonging to MayorMuriel Bowser, tussling it out in one more proxy war with Vince Gray’s crew. There’s Barryism, this time reborn in the form of Christopher Barry, who’s so committed to restarting his dad’s act that he’s now going by his first name, Marion. To cap it all off, there’s that hallmark of District races: pols with criminal records.
Representing the Green Team in this corner is LaRuby May, businesswoman, community activist, and Bowser diehard. After coordinating Bowser’s Ward 8 campaigning, she’s now ready to soak up donations from contributors looking to ingratiate themselves with Bowser. May also has the backing of three former Ward 8 councilmembers, which she tells LL amounts to an endorsement of her leadership. 

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