Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#IamTHEARC Journal: It's a #SoutheastLove fest over here

The Advoc8te working from her lair at THEARC. Great things happen here! 

The Advoc8te is three weeks into her new job as Director of Marketing for THEARC and she loves it! There are so many wonderful things taking place at the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. It's amazing to see all the different staff members, partners, volunteers and donors work so hard to provide quality services and programming to the east of the river community. Much like ARCH Development Corporation, the THEARC mission is firmly built in community building. THEARC's focus is on supporting families and improving their lives through access to high-quality yet low-cost or free programming and healthcare. 

Just some of the people that make THEARC special. (l-r) Beverly Carroll (Executive Assistant), Janet Stone (Development Director), Edmund Fleet (Executive Director) and Leigh and Ed, THEARC supporters

My colleagues at Building Bridges Across the River (the nonprofit behind THEARC) are amazing. I've known some people for years, others I just met, but everyone is so friendly and talented!  It is a great feeling to love going to work every day. I consider myself very lucky to have worked for two great Ward 8 organizations. Several of the Executive Directors of THEARC partner organizations are Ward 8 residents so it is great to see them every day in a professional capacity. Although I am new here everyone is so welcoming!  I have already been invited to resume my long overdue cello lessons at Levine Music, to enroll in some Zumba and african dance classes at the Washington Ballet and to speak to a group of students from the Washington School for Girls. My dance card is getting pretty full! :)


There is a great sense of community here at THEARC and I love how the campus comes alive in the afternoon and evening hours. So many people utilizing classes or programs from any of our nine resident nonprofits or catching a performance in THEARC theater.  Elevation DC just posted an article about the positive impact that facilities such as THEARC and the Anacostia Arts Center have on the east of the river community. Go HERE to read the article. Better still, pay these cultural centers a visit! 

As if you needed more reason to come to THEARC, The Washington Ballet @ THEARC is running a special BOGO sale on their dance and Zumba classes! For residents of 20020 and 20032 that is only $6 for TWO classes! Hurry up! This deal ends January 31st!

So with all the great things happening over here it should go without saying that I am putting my Southeast Love sign to good use! If you would like to share what you enjoy at THEARC (@THEARC_DC) be sure to tweet using the #IamTHEARC hashtag! 

Building Bridges Across the River board members (l-r): Bruce Thorne, Dorea McMahon, and Judith Dobbins showing their Southeast Love with Edmund Fleet, BBAR Executive Director

Coming up @THEARC:
Black History Month events, the Wacky & Whimsical Tea for THEARC (tickets are now available), and plenty of theatrical performances and arts classes! 

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