Tuesday, December 09, 2014

What qualifications should the next Ward 8 Councilmember have?

With the special election only give months away it seems prudent for Ward 8 residents to consider the skills and qualifications they want to see in their next councilmember. Is it enough to be passionate or well-liked? Is it enough to be a long-term resident? What makes someone qualified for leadership? Competence or connections? 

What kind of character should we look for in our next Ward 8 councilmember? What kind of professional and educational requirements would it take to really address the challenges of Ward 8?


@DCjams said...

Great question. I've been thinking about this. I am interested in someone with strong leadership potential and energy. Someone of the "new guard," versus old school Washington. Someone with an inclusive vision for Ward 8 that will both catalyze new economic development while protecting the ward's existing residents and unique character. I do not want to support anyone who is already ingrained in DC's political machine. So I'm seeking potential over experience for a fresh start for the ward.

Time for a change said...

I'm going to ask again. Can you run for the Ward 8 Council seat?

The Advoc8te said...

While I appreciate the support and confidence in my commitment to Ward 8 running for office is not in the cards for me. :)