Tuesday, December 09, 2014

LOOSE LIPS | Candidates Declare for Ward 4, Ward 8 Seats

And we are off to the races! The first candidates have picked up their nomination petitions for the Ward 8 and Ward 8 DC Council seats (which contrary to popular opinion actually belong to the people of those wards who elect a person to represent them). 

Go HERE to read the full article. What are your thoughts on the candidates who have thrown their hat in the ring? Is it possible to elect the best candidate with so many contenders in the race?


The list of Barry's would-be replacements ranges from a "who's who" to a "who's that?" Ward 8 Democrats president Natalie Williams, a former Barry spokeswoman-turned-bitter primary foe, can likely bring some firepower to the race. Ditto LaRuby May, a community activist and former high-ranking Bowser campaign staffer who can draw on the ward organization she ran for Bowser.

Also competing are Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners Greta FullerDarrell GastonAnthony Muhammad, frequent office-seeker and ex-ANC member Sandra SeegarsLeonard Watson, and Edwina Montaque.


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