Tuesday, November 11, 2014

UDC Law Student Needs Help Studying Jury Duty

Hello Readers -- Please see below and if you can spend a few minutes helping this law student with her project! Thanks! -- The Advoc8te

My name is Yveka Pierre and I am a third year law student at UDC Law. I am currently working on a project studying Jury Duty response rates. 80% of DC residents who receive a summons do not attend. I am collecting their anonymous opinions for why. I want to reach as many DC residents as possible because ALL opinions matter here. 
The voices and opinions of DC Residents who live in SE DC neighborhoods are sorely missing from the survey results and I want to change that. 

The survey is only 20 questions and the link may be found below.


Yveka Pierre
University of the District of Columbia
David A. Clarke School of Law
Juris Doctor Candidate 2015 

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