Monday, November 24, 2014

LOOSE LIPS | Ward 8 Residents Celebrate Marion Barry in Anacostia

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Jvaughna Cobb, 19, grew up on the same Anacostia block where Marion Barry lived and says the mayor-for-life gave both her and her mother their first jobs. 
"He's such a friendly neighbor," Cobb says of Barry, the former mayor and Ward 8 councilmember who passed away around midnight Saturday at the age of 78 . "And that's why it hurts so much that he's gone." 
Lifelong Anacostia resident Evette Tinch, 44, says she still has a cherished photograph of Barry holding her as a baby. 
"When he became mayor, what he said he was going to do, he did it for us," Tinch says.

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