Monday, November 10, 2014

Jan 27 2015 | Board of Zoning Adjustment Public Hearing on new low-income apartment building at 2626 Bowen Rd SE


Whitney Hubbard said...

Dear Advoc8te, is this something neighborhood residents can attend to voice our displeasure with this project? It seems as though we would need to fill out the form first if we want to be recognized at the meeting?

Darin said...

@Whitney Hubbard @Advoc8te: What do you think the reaction would be to a moratorium (for whatever period) on tax incentives for income-restricted housing within wards 7 and 8, especially within reasonable walking distance of the metro stations? What about demanding that the city devise a way to offer incentives for developing market-rate housing in these areas instead? Is it realistic? Even if not, would it have symbolic value?