Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Mummy.

Please join me in wishing a very big "Happy Birthday" to my best friend, most trusted confident, and "Shero." November 17th marks an important chapter in my book of happy. 

I feel so blessed and honored to have my mother in my life, to be able to have another year of memories and shared experiences. There is never any problem too large that we can't solve it together and no one laughs as hard at my jokes. She's the absolute best and is always so supportive of whatever I do. 

If I could give my mother the world I would. There is no card, gift, or token of appreciation that seems like enough. She is invaluable and irreplaceable. She is the alpha and omega of all that I aspire to be. 

Happy Birthday to the hardest working woman around. I see you.

XOXO Always ,


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Anonymous said...

That is a beautifully heartfelt tribute to your mom. You and your mom are so lucky to have each other. I am sure she appreciates you and is very proud of you. Just beautiful! I join you in celebrating your joy, (as, unfortunately, we don't all have what you have with your mom....)Happy, Happy, Joy,Joy to you both!