Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Get out there and vote!

There is nothing worse than someone who complains about the state of affairs but does nothing to change it. Regardless of who you decide to vote for today, just make sure to go out participate in the democratic process.  

For communities east of the river many of our issues can be tracked back to leadership and/or participation issues. Let's not throw in the towel before the game has even started. Your vote does count (and in the case of ANC races it really can come down to a single vote).

When you are standing at the ballot box ask yourself, "does this candidate have my community in mind? Are they equipped to do the right thing even when it is not the popular thing? Are they prepared to handle the challenges that are unique to east of the river?"

When I did that, it was pretty easy to choose my candidates. Regardless of which candidate ends up with the most votes I know I did my part. Sitting on the sidelines when I am so financially and emotionally invested in this community is not an option. 

Down with apathy. Get involved! 

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