Tuesday, October 07, 2014

WCP | Ward 8 ANC Commissioner on Video: “You Little Motherfucker!”

Go HERE to read the full Washington City Paper story.

The trouble began at the ANC8E meeting last night, according to Trey Yingst, an American University student who shot the video for website News2Share. As one ANC member left to deny the group a quorum, ANC candidate Joseph Johnson left to persuade the woman to stay. That's when he caught the ire of Cuthbert, the chairwoman of nearby group ANC8C.

“I’m going to knock your ass back where you belong, you little motherfucker!” the 68-year-old Cuthbert yelled from her chair, rising to pursue the young man.

"Who you gonna fuck with?" Cuthbert said, before apparently shoving Johnson, who has his hands behind his back in the video.

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