Tuesday, October 07, 2014

DCIST | Video Shows ANC Member Shoving Man After Calling Him A 'Little Motherf*cker'

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A 2010 Post article says Cuthbert, who has lived in Ward 8 for almost 30 years, describes herself as a "seasoned citizen." That same year, she was filmed calling her opponent a "dumb [n-word]." Congress Heights on the Rise blogger Nikki Peele says Cuthbert has threatened to "whoop her ass."
Cuthbert was a passionate supporter of Mayor Vincent Gray, to the point that she was accused of electioneering in 2010.
A Dupont Circle ANC member was accused earlier this year of attacking a homeless man, while a member from ANC 3D admitted to punching an American University official during a meeting.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely crazy! Crazy! I know we can do better than this!

Kevin said...

Did you have to post FOUR articles saying the same thing? You don't like Cuthbert. We get it.