Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What makes you mad as hell?

Sounds like a crazy title for a blog post right?

The Advoc8te is asking people to dig deep, speak honestly, and get to the heart of what you see are problems being experienced in wards 7 and 8 (this is an east of the river blog afterall).

What is making you mad as hell?
  • Lack of development?
  • Nuisance Neighbors?
  • Crime?
  • Politics?
  • Transporation?
  • Blight?
  • Litter?
  • Lack of dog parks?
  • Declining real estate values?
  • The oversaturation of social service providers?
  • Government inefficiency?
  • Child abuse?
  • Economic Development?
  • Poverty Pimps?

What is giving you cause for concern-- or flat out pissing you off?

Don't be afraid -- feel free to comment anonymously. No one (including me) will know who you are. 

The point of this exercise? Let's take the problems out of the dark and into the light in hopes that we can solve them. If nothing else, it should give you an opportunity to vent and perhaps in the process find that you aren't alone in your thoughts. 

1 comment:

i heart newcomb said...

A lack of clean and safe playgrounds. The one at Shepherd Parkway often has trash including empty wine bottles and broken glass there.

Blight, like what is going on with the McDowell business center on MLK and Malcolm X next to Popeye's? The building there is so pretty but derelict. It'd be really cool if it could have been renovated. But it's obviously having a hard enough time getting demolished.

Last but not least, low performing schools in the neighborhood. Why do we keep sending our babies WOTR for better educational opportunities?