Friday, September 12, 2014

WCP | Arts Commission Will Remove “Junk”-Looking 5×5 Installation in Anacostia

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Anacostia residents bombarded their neighborhood email list, flooded Councilmember Marion Barry's phone line, and called 311 to complain of a 5x5 Project art installation that they say is insensitive to their neighborhood.

And now, the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities—the government agency that runs the biennial 5x5 citywide public art project—says it will remove the installation from Good Hope Road SE. The commission is currently looking for a new site for the project.

As I previously wrote, the project, "The New Migration" by Abigail DeVille, is spread across two vacant buildings on the busy street and features the debris and heirlooms DeVille collected on a journey from D.C. to Jacksonville. DeVille's reverse journey echoes the "great migration" of millions of African Americans fleeing the south in the Jim Crow era. Now, DeVille says, another migration is occurring as black Americans are forced to leave their longtime homes in the name of redevelopment and gentrification.

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