Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Sept 4 |'Guerrilla Marketing' at The HIVE 2.0

THURS, Sept 4th  1pm - 4pm

Hosted by HIVE 2.0 member, Phoebe Marketing Group this detailed class is $69 ($59 for those who attended the 8/28 workshop). Register online at 

Guerrilla Marketing is the way to profit and success. It is not about Sales but it is about Profit. The workshop gave you the tools of this marketing concept but the Guerrilla Marketing class will provide you a customized path to achieve profits within thirty (30) days of your business. Create a $$ Million Dollar Marketing Plan!

Phoebe Marketing Group
The HIVE 2.0 is located at 1231-B Good Hope Rd SE and is a project of ARCH Development Corporation, a Ward 8 nonprofit. 

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