Wednesday, September 24, 2014

HOUSING COMPLEX | D.C. Wants to Run More Circulator Bus Lines to More Neighborhoods

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The District's Circulator bus network is set for a major expansion, one that could add six new routes, extend four others, and leave only one existing route unchanged while bringing Circulator service to currently unserved parts of town as far-flung as the National Cathedral, Brookland, and Congress Heights. 
The District Department of Transportation released its 2014 Circulator Transit Development Plan for public comment today, a comprehensive report that analyzes the successes and shortcomings of the existing Circulator network and makes the case for a series of new routes. Some of the proposals simply add capacity and connections to neighborhoods already served by Circulator routes, while others aim to expand the network, which once served just the central part of the city, to new areas.

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