Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ElevationDC | How a 'Downtown Ward 7' would grow more than a healthy economy

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With new retail and commercial districts springing up across the city, one east-of-the-river resident thinks it’s about time Ward 7 joins the fold of communities under construction. Tom Brown, co-founder of the Washington East Development Alliance, has proposed to the city government a Community Improvement Corridor (CIC) to address the needs of Ward 7 residents. The reconstruction of a “downtown Ward 7” at the intersections of Minnesota Ave. NE and Benning Rd. NE would provide a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere where locals and visitors can share a sense of community and urban life with access to retail, entertainment and social spaces. In addition, the CIC would integrate programs for job creation, affordable housing, green and creative arts, education and health.

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Unknown said...

Good article. I agree, though it's already happening there.