Friday, August 08, 2014

Anacostia welcomes its 1st national retailer to the neighborhood!

In case you didn't know Anacostia got its first national retailer this week. A 7-Eleven franchise is now open on Good Hope Rd at the site of the former Anacostia Food Mart. While this may not exactly be the caliber of retailer Anacostia residents were hoping for it is still a welcome addition to the business district.

Yesterday The Advoc8te along with some of her HIVE 2.0 officemates headed over to the new 7-Eleven to check out their space and indulge in a Slurpee -- or two,  or three. ;)  While The Advoc8te always equated 7-Eleven to junk food and Big Gulps I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fresh food in the way of fruit, sandwiches, and salads. It was nice to see at least some attempt to incorporate some healthy eating into a neighborhood still considered by many to be a "food dessert."

As we were exiting I noticed that several discount stores on Good Hope Rd  had undertaken a little upgrade of their own. The shop directly across from 7-11 was sporting some freshly cleaned windows (possibly a first in the 6 years I've been in the neighborhood) and a newly organized window display.  It seems consumers aren't the only ones taking notice of the new kid on the block. ;) Here is to hoping the upgrades continue. 

Including some pictures from my visit below. 


Tina Fletcher said...

I visited a few days ago. The service is great and your correct about surrounded businesses. Many are installing new windows and new paint jobs. There are a few business on MLK also upgrading their sites. Great news for Anacostia!

Tina Fletcher said...

Thanks for sharing!I visited a few days ago and the service was great. You are right about the surrounding businesses. Many of them have upgraded their locations with new windows and paint jobs. There are a few businesses on MLK who are doing the same. This is a first step : )

Anonymous said...

Ok, wait..what?

A new retailer serving fresh fruit and other food/beverage products...from a clean store with organized shelves...and you don't have to slip your payment under the slit of a scratchy/foggy bulletproof shield?

And those people there in the red uniform shirts, who look like us, do they actually work there?

This is happening East of the River? And they're gonna be open at Anacostia? The Anacostia in Ward 8?

Well Shut the Front Door!!!

The Advoc8te said...

LOL @ Anonymous -- that was funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Food desert, not dessert.

SilentWarrior said...

Just got back from the new 7-Eleven! I literally filled my hand basket (thought I might need an actual shopping cart). So nice to see fresh fruit, sandwiches, and my fav El Salvadorian sweet bread. Also Naked Juice is usually way expensive, but they had 2 for $6.00 special, that's a figgin deal for a health nut like me. Loving it!!!

i heart newcomb said...

What drives me crazy is that these new big name places pop up and they are always packed. Don't national retailers realize that EOTR likes to purchase food too? IHOP is always packed, Giant too. It blows my mind that there are so few food establishments here and so little interest to open shop.

Unplugged856 said...

I'm glad we have an additional place to get coffee in the neighborhood. I agree that the surrounding businesses look like they are improving their facades. It's a small step but it's an acknowledgement that they can and should provide a higher quality service experience to residents!