Friday, July 25, 2014

Ward 8 Farmer's Market this Saturday @ THEARC!

Get your fresh fruit and veggie fix at the Ward 8 Farmer's Market every Saturday at THEARC from June 7-November 22nd!

The mission of the Ward 8 Farmer’s Market is to provide and improve healthy food options for Ward 8 residents and nearby communities. The goal is for people from these communities to eat fresher, more natural and nutritious foods, and adopt healthier lifestyles for the long-term benefit of themselves, their children and families, and society. An important component of achieving this goal involves providing foods grown geographically closer to where the foods are eaten. Foods lose nutritional value and wholesomeness when they travel long distances and are stored for long periods of time. Similarly, food loses value (and can actually become harmful) when they are processed. The solution is to reconnect the local farmer to the community that will eat his or her produce!

Entry to the Ward 8 Farmer's Market is FREE. SNAP, WIC and Senior Vouchers accepted.

*Free Yoga, Cooking Demos, Arts Activities for Youth and much more! View program calendar here!

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